Lesson Duration Instructional Focus Activities Lesson Plan Teacher Materials Student Materials
Lesson 1
90+ min
Introduction to Climate Change Lecture, Presentation PDF icon Presentation-1.pdf PDF icon SH-1.pdf, PDF icon SH-2.pdf, PDF icon SH-3.pdf, PDF icon SH-4.pdf
Lesson 2
90+ min
Carbon Cycling & Photosynthesis Lecture, Presentation, Simulation PDF icon Presentation-2-1.pdf, PDF icon Presentation-2-2.pdf, PDF icon CC_Rubrics.pdf PDF icon SH-2-1.pdf, PDF icon SH-2-2.pdf, PDF icon Pre-Test.pdf
Lesson 3
90+ min
Climate Change & Local Ecosystem Data Collection, Simulation PDF icon Presentation-3.pdf PDF icon Summary.pdf
Lesson 4
60 min
Competition Among Plants on the Prairie Discussion, Modeling PDF icon Presentation-4.pdf PDF icon SH-4-1.pdf, PDF icon SH-4-2.pdf
Lesson 5
90+ min
Climate Change & Indicator Species Discussion PDF icon Teacher-5-1.pdf, PDF icon Teacher-5-2.pdf PDF icon SH-5-1.pdf, PDF icon SH-5-2.pdf
Lesson 6
90+ min
Culminating Project Assessment, Modeling PDF icon Teacher-6-1.pdf PDF icon SH-6-1.pdf, PDF icon SH-6-2.pdf, PDF icon SH-6-3.pdf, PDF icon SH-6-4.pdf, PDF icon SH-6-5.pdf, PDF icon Sample Carbon Cycle Models.pdf