Major Themes for the Unit

  • Scientific themes: Gene expression, genetic modifications
  • Scientific practice: Computational thinking
  • SSI: Genetically modified food


Driving Question: What role should GMOs play in creating a safe, diversified and stable food economy?


Concepts needed to explore the driving question

  • Science concepts: transcription, translation, protein folding, genetic modifications
  • What social ideas and concerns influence negotiation of the issue?
    • History of food production
    • Food regulation
    • Food production and availability
    • Sustainability


Unit assessment(s)

  • Algorithms created throughout the unit
  • Stakeholder symposium


Lesson sequence

Additional Resources

Socratic Seminars:

  • Adler, M. (1982). A revolution in education. American Educator 6(4): 20–24.
  • Billings, L. and Roberts, T. (2003). The Paideia seminar: Active thinking through dialogue. Chapel Hill, NC: National Paideia Center.
  • ChowningJ. T. (2009). Socratic seminars in science class. The Science Teacher, 76(7), 36.

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